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22 Multiple Yugas – Part 5 Final

In this last post on the topic of Time, I will try to sum up the entire discussion so far. Here is a schematic I have attempted on the subject:

So, there you go. That concludes our discussion on the nature of time and our relative position in it – which started from the post on “How many Hanumans?”

How are we doing? Makes one feel really small, is it not? Like a grain of sand in a desert! Do we still think we can nuke this planet and that it will make a difference in the ‘Overall scheme of things’? Is this not what Vishwaroopa is all about?

Now do you know why Arjuna feels perplexed when Krishna shows him the Vishwaroopa – complete with all the cycles of time, and all the different universes?

Well, you know, there are only two ways of reacting to this – either be an Arjuna and marvel at this beautiful concept of Time its cycles, or get completely lost. The problem with the latter is that once you get lost, you cease to see the meaning – and then you ask yourself ‘what does this mean to me’? … And you move on. I just hope you are of the former type, and that you have managed to enjoy the beauty of this concept of Time as given by Hinduism – which is perhaps more developed than any of the other comparable philosophies.

Here’s a large one for the road to eternity!

- S


armchairthinker said…
I have read all five of your wonderful posts on mahayugas with much awe and interest. Indeed, we are not even a speck on the endless canvas of time. Please keep up the good work and come back with more such gems!
Thank you armchairthinker. Words of encouragement like these are the fuel that keeps all of us going. Thanks for your patience with my literary inabilities - best, Shreekant