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20 Multiple Yugas – Part 3

1. Total Life Span of the Universe
Now let us calculate the total time span of the universe.

It is said that before the creation of the universe Lord Vishnu is sleeping in the form of Narayana in the ocean of all causes on the back of Shesha naag.

While He is sleeping, a lotus sprouts of his navel. Inside this lotus, Brahma resides. Brahma represents the universe, which we all live in, and it is this Brahma who creates life forms. This universe represented by Brahma is not a permanent universe, it is temporary, Brahma lives for 100 years say the vedas and then dies and then a new universe (Brahma) is born.

So as per vedas our universe lives for 100 Brahma years. Now we shall see how long each year of Brahma is. But for that, we need to get to the day of Brahma.

2. A Day of Brahma
1,000 such Mahayugas = 1 Kalpa

1 Kalpa = 1 day of Brahma = 4,320,000,000 years of man (4.32 billion years)

Which is – hold your breath – the actual scientifically estimated age of the Sun!

So that is one day of Brahma.

3. A Lifetime of Brahma
Now one day and one night of Brahma makes 2 Kalpas or 8.64 billion human years.

30 days of Brahma = 1 month of Brahma = 259,200,000,000 years of man (259 billion years).

12 such months of Brahma = 1 year of Brahma = 3,110,400,000,000 years of man (3.11 trillion years)

100 such years of Brahma = 1 Lifespan of Brahma

Also called 1 para or 1 Mahakalpa

This is a mind-numbing 311,040,000,000,000 years of man (311 trillion years).

That is, presumably, the total time span of this universe for this Brahma!

Go, get yourself a glass of liquid (your choice). This needs some meditation.

- S


Rajeev Y said…
Fantastic! It means the universe we know since the Big Bang is just within 1 day and one night of brahma !

Now it is anyone guess how many years has it been for the current Brahma.
Sirius said…
Sources say that the current Brahma has lived for 50 years, and we are currently in the first day of the 51st year of Brahma.
Soumya Ravi said…
I stumbled on to your site only today. Excellent work. Please compile all these blog posts into a book so all thesse posts can live a longer life.