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So I have not been able to keep my promise and write a post every week. The weeks have become months and months quarters, ... so very soon it would have become years. Before that happens, I thought I will put a tick on the wall.

I have been caught in the vortex of life. Also, what has been happening around the world, the Mumbai carnage, the war which no-one is calling a war, and so on ... has left me angry and hurt, like everyone else. The anger is more about my own impotence and inability to respond to the stimuli in any way whatsoever.

For all those who have been following this space, sorry for the delay and thank you for your comments, writings and reverts. They have given me strength and courage (more important!) to continue with the endeavour. I promise I will return shortly.

Before that, I want to put something on the table, and that is the purpose of today's post.

I have a dream - that this blog does not remain one person's work but becomes a contributory effort. Now I am technically challenged and quite illiterate in the ways of Web 2.0 and do not know much about co-creating. I seek inputs of the minds out there, who have been kind enough to follow the posts here and have been warm to the contents and context of the blog of this nature to provide inputs / suggestions / ideas.

I know this might sound childish, since most of you must be well informed on the ways of the web. But I am not. So I thought of a few ways. One way is to go to Orkut and start a group, but that is something I have never quite been comfortable with. The other could be like a bulletin board - I have no clue how that is launched. What else can be done. The expectations are simple:

- Someone keeps writing on the blog, so we do not have the situation like Aug 08 till Dec 08 when there were no additions on this site.

- The coverage is more than Ramayana and Mahabharata only, but also covers some of the other sources of folklore and mythology. Although, I know that these two epics will keep me busy for the rest of my life if I want to. But it is nice to get more perspectives.

- People have been writing to me. Most of you who write are more knowledgeable than I am in most of the topics of discussion. I just write what I have overheard while I do my daily commute to work and so on. But some of you have an in-depth interest in mythology. It will be nice if we can get your writings in your own posts, rather than appendicising comments to my posts.

- Two minds are better than one, and two hundred are ... well, I guess chaos. But we are okay with that as long as it is constructive and pregnant with possibilities.

What do you think?

See you soon on the other side of the moon ...

- Shreekant


Brahmaprakash said…
Dear One,
What you intend is a great idea. I too am not knowledgeable at all. I had the good fortune of meeting my spiritual master and began to meditate. What came through to me was the understanding that knowing superseds knowledge. Rcently someone asked me about CHIRANJEEVIS. I gave a reply based on my understanding (it is posted on my blog - However, a saint, known to me, forwarded me a compilation on this matter, as taken from your blog. Having gone through parts of it I am deeply impressed.It is great work, in which any co-operation is welcome. On my part, I can offer my goodwishes and prayers. May your efforts succeed.

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