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35: Narada: Part 6 - The Circle of Life (Final)

After they had finished eating the rice kheer, Narada continued with the story of how he learnt about Maya.

"You know we have very little time now" Brahma reminded Narada.

"Yes, I do. I am almost ready. Would you like to hear about how Vishnu explained Maya to me?"

"Yes, go on" Brahma said.

So Narada began -

"This happened in the time of Dwapara. Vishnu had taken the avatar of Krishna and slain the arrogant Kamsa. I was visiting him to get an update about the kingdoms in Bharatvarsha, and also to share with him observations from my wanderings. We got talking and the Lord asked me to take a stroll with him."
"While we were crossing the desert near Dwaraka, I turned to the Lord and asked "O Greatest Lord, what is the secret of this life and the appearances of this world? You claim everything to be maya, illusion. It sounds virtually impossible. I can touch a tree. I can grab your arm. A mosquito stings me. I feel these things. How can all this…