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49 Jarasandh - I

Jarasandh - Part (I)

Human condition is a strange one - people from time immemorial have tried to understand it, have tried to make sense of it, have tried to cope up with it by giving it different names and garbs - emotions, religion, psychoanalysis, and what not. But after ten thousand years on this planet, even the smartest among us are as clueless as our ancestors.

Consider, for example, this - they say that man is a social animal. Then why do some of us prefer solitude than the company of others? Why do we have bloody wars at the drop of a hat? Why are certain regions in the world always volatile and unstable? And if we are indeed social, where does our sense of socializing go when we spread litter and abuse the environment and fellow human beings?

On the contrary, if you say that man is usually self-made and self-centered, he comes alone and goes alone - then why does a Sunday afternoon tea time away from family and friends look so dark and gloomy and endless? …