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54: Parallels from Ancient Lives - a Thought Experiment with Hindu and Roman Mythology

Reading Thomas Bulfinch ('The Age of Fables', 'The Age of Chivalry',  'Legends of Charlemagne') is like getting a first-hand lessons from the master storyteller. His prose flows like poetry, and one is quickly lost in the fantastic realms of ancient worlds. This time while reading though, interestingly, I found myself getting reminded of some of the incidents and people from Hindu myths.

Make no mistake. These two bodies of work cannot truly be compared. The religions of Roman gods (and their predecessors the Greek gods) are long gone, and there are no worshipers or followers left. While the Hindu gods and goddesses continue to have a following among a billion Hindus and several million Buddhists (to an extent) across the world. The characters, the stories, the drama - the times, the motivations, the culture and the civilization - all are quite, quite apart.

But it is interesting to see parallels in unexpected places while reading these works of ancient poets acr…