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55: The Rahu Ketu story

How Rahu and Ketu came to be

Stories form an integral part of every civilization. Along with money and writing, stories are an important medium, a medium for the collective advancement of human societies. And I must confess that it is these stories, apart from the philosophy, that has drawn me to the field of Hindu mythology in the first place, not really the religious or social practices or culture.
Stories about natural phenomena, like thunder, lightening, rain, dawn, night and day, seasons, form a large part of the human narrative. Weaving these stories requires imagination. This is especially true for phenomena that cannot be explained easily – like earthquakes, or weather, or eclipse. And making up ‘stuff’ about such rare, and yet seemingly un-explainable natural phenomenon requires an attention to detail, a bit of ingenuity, and at the same time a little bit of that ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humour that is typical of some of the early Hindu myths.
With Hindu Mythology, the additional req…