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60: The Lord's Own Children

Throughout history, it is rather obscure, to hear of famous father-son duos (or father-daughter for that matter). Famous personalities over time have seldom got an equally illustrious progeny. There are many reasons. In some cases, the illustrious father is too much to match up. In others, the children spend their energies in fighting among themselves for the legacy and doing precious little. Some famous personalities are too busy with their own lives. In several cases, the offspring is just not of the same sap and lacks interesting qualities. For whatever reasons, most generations after the famous, powerful and talented figures are often lost to time.

What of the gods then? What of Vishnu, the supreme lord in Hindu mythology, the Lord that engages with the world every now and often, the One who governs its rhythm (loosely translated for rita in Sanskrit)? He seemed to have taken several avatars; what happened to his sons? What, at least, happened to the sons of the ten Maha-avatars,…