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25 Asti Kashchit Vaag-visheshah

Asti Kashchit Vaag-visheshah

This post is not directly about Hindu mythology, but rather about a man who made parts of the mythology immortal by molding small skeletal reference stories into classical literary masterpieces - a man who himself is subject to more colorful myths than anyone else - this post is about Mahakavi Kalidasa.

Kalidasa wrote poems of epic proportions for music and dance and he is regarded as the most outstanding writer of classical Sanskrit. The typical works that are attributed to him are:


1. Abhijnana shakuntalam - or simply Shaakuntalam ("The Recognition of Shakuntala")

2. Malavika Agnimitra, and

3. Vikramorvashiya


1. Raghuvamsa ("Dynasty of Raghu") - Epic poem

2. Kumarasambhava ("Birth of the War Lord") - Epic poem

3. Meghduta ("The Cloud Messanger") - Lyric poem

4. Ritusamhara ("The Exposition on the Seasons") - Lyric poem

These seven are considered usually to be hi…