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26 Apology

So I have not been able to keep my promise and write a post every week. The weeks have become months and months quarters, ... so very soon it would have become years. Before that happens, I thought I will put a tick on the wall.

I have been caught in the vortex of life. Also, what has been happening around the world, the Mumbai carnage, the war which no-one is calling a war, and so on ... has left me angry and hurt, like everyone else. The anger is more about my own impotence and inability to respond to the stimuli in any way whatsoever.For all those who have been following this space, sorry for the delay and thank you for your comments, writings and reverts. They have given me strength and courage (more important!) to continue with the endeavour. I promise I will return shortly.

Before that, I want to put something on the table, and that is the purpose of today's post.

I have a dream - that this blog does not remain one person's work but becomes a contributory effort. Now I am t…