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40 "Be The Elder One"

We Indians are argumentative. Or so says Amartya Sen. Indeed, we love to debate about
issues that may or may not have any worldly bearing on us. And the great epics of
Mahabharata and Ramayana put together is not just a mine, but a zig-zag, cross-referenced labyrinth of tunnels - an unending abyss that provides as an eternal source for such debates.

Are the epics history or myths? Are they both?

Did the story of Rama and Sita from Mahabharata get retold as a separate epic in its own right at later times?

Was Duryodhana right in asking for the throne? Were Pandavas the rightful heirs, considering that Pandu was not their biological father?

Was it right on the part of Rama to destroy the entire Rakshasa race just to win back his wife? And then having won her back, how did he ask her to leave him and go alone in the forest?

The inquiries are never-ending, and the characters - Ah! ... They provide such fodder for rumination!

Out of the many characters in the epic of Mahabharata, two stand out d…