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51: Back story of Duryodhana Bhima Battle

51 How could Bhima break Duryodhana's thigh in spite of Gandhari's blessing?

"What we do now echoes in eternity"
- Marcus Aurelius

It was the evening before the start of the great war. All 18 armies were gathered around the field. Soldiers were setting up the camps and tents, unsure how long this war is going to last. Most of them had traveled through the length and breadth of the country to get there, and were already missing their families. The animals were restless. There was a general commotion all around and the air was filled with expectation, excitement and mostly, fear. Most men were anxiously passing glances towards the royal tents, hoping against hope for peace, knowing fully well that from the time the Pandava's esteemed messenger - Krishna - was treated rudely in the court of Hastinapur, war was inevitable.

The royals and the statesmen in both camps we…