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53: A bountiful of gods

The Sanskrit word "Koti" popularly means a "crore" (this is a very Indian measure for 10 million or 10,000,000). And it is common to say that Hinduism has 33 koti devas - which gets unfortunately and wrongly translated to 330 million gods. It is this literal translation that has befuddled many till now, including the 16th century Mughal emperor Akbar, who believing the term to be literal, launched the impossible task of cataloging all the Hindu gods and goddesses.

Had he had a Hindu wife in his harem, like most historians wrongly believe, and had she been his most beloved, like more than most of them hope to be, and had he been open and forward-thinking enough to let her practice her own religion in his palaces (so that he could 'learn' and understand the natives of the country), which a whole bunch of them argue vehemently  - he would have simply discussed this project with her (Jodha Bai, if she ever lived).

And she, as the popular portrait suggests, being …