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09 Chiranjeevi 4 - Vibhishana

4. Vibhishana – Also known as Bibhishana, he is the younger brother of Ravana. His lineage is thus:

Out of the seven great sages (Saptarshi), who are supposed to be sons of Brahma, one of the rishis was Pulatsya

His son was Rishi Vishrava. Vishrava married Idavida, daughter of Rishi Bharadwaja. 

ldavida bore Vishrava a son, Kubera, the Lord of Wealth and the original ruler of Lanka. 

However, by this time, the accounts of Vishrava's far-reaching Yogic powers reached the ears of the Asura, Sumali, and his wife, Thataka. They got their daughter Kaikesi married to Vishrava.

Vishrava fathered four children with her – Ravana, Kumbakarna, Vibhishana, and a daughter, Soorpanaka. Ravana would eventually oust his half-brother, Kubera, as King of Lanka and usurp his throne.

Vibhishana was the third and youngest brother of Ravana. He had differences with Ravana for a long time. When Rama came searching for his wife Sita, Vibhishana’s mother Kaikesi advised Vibhishana to join Rama. 

In the Lanka War, Vibhishana's knowledge of the secrets of Lanka were invaluable to Rama. After the War, Rama made Vibhishana the ruler of Lanka.

When Rama was about to leave Ayodhya at the end of his reign, he told Vibhishana to stay on Earth and serve the people and guide them to the path of truth and Dharma. 
Hence, Vibhishana is considered one of the eight immortals, or Chiranjeevins.

In Mahabharata, there is a passing reference of Vibhishana. During the Rajasuya Yagna of Yudhishthir, when the remaining four brothers conducted campaigns in four directions for their oldest brother, Sahadev went southwards. He wanted to win friendship of the rakshasa king Vibhishana of Lanka – for which he sent Ghatotkacha (Bhima’s son from rakshasi Hidimba) as his envoy. Vibhishana honored Ghatotkacha and sent him back with a lot of gifts, gold etc.

There is not much that is heard of Vibhishana after that. It seems he is still supposed to rule Sri Lanka.

- Best


Shubra Tekle said…
he is still alive, people say this
abhijit said…
wasn't Ghatotkacha killed by Karna in Kurukshetra war?
Yes Abhijit, thanks for the comment ... Apparently the incident I have narrated about Ghatotkacha and Sahadeva meeting Vibhishana is during the course of Rajsuya Yagna - much before the Epic war.

This is the yagna Yudhishthir performed after building the city of Indraprastha to declare his sovereignty. At that time (this is before the game of dice), there were many other sovereign rulers alive (like Dhritarashtra, Jarasandha etc.) - so Yudhishthir could not do Ashwamedh Yagna.

That one - Ashwamedh Yagna - he did once he won the war. By that time, you are right, Ghatotkacha and most of the other heros of the epoc were long dead

- Shreekant
Sadhak said…
Any known whereabouts of Vibhishan now?
Sadhak said…
Any known whereabouts of Vibhishan now?